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  • 3201 Rose Street
  • Franklin Park, Illinois 60131
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Monarch Cremation Society was established in 1999. We are conveniently located at 3201 Rose Street, in Franklin Park, IL. (Driving Directions Link). As Cremation became a more common means of disposition and religious institutions and faiths embraced the process and created rites and procedures, Monarch Memorial Society worked closely with clergy of every faith to completely understand those rites and customs. As a result, we have become a prime destination for many faiths for providing a sanctified setting and dignified practices for fulfilling the appropriate practices with regard to Cremation.

Cremation can be as simple or as ceremonious as a family desires. Whether a choice is a Direct Cremation, Cremation with a Memorial Service or all the way up to a full set of services with the final disposition being Cremation, Monarch Memorial Service can provide those services conveniently and within the desires of each family we serve. This is the choice of the family and often the loved one who made their desire known. We’ll do what you ask.

We are an Environmentally Friendly provider. We have multiple options for families wishing for an Eco-Friendly process from start to finish, with eco-friendly merchandise included in your choice of urns and materials. If your faith has particular rites and customs for Cremation, you can be assured we are familiar with those rites and will accommodate them completely. Any specific questions on these matters, or questions regarding pre-planning (link) can be addressed by one of our Certified Cremationists at or calling (847) 671-2041. We will respond promptly to your inquiries.